Early Learning Advice

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Embracing Meaningful Connections at Journey
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Creating Magical Outdoor Play Environments At Journey Early Learning
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Journey Kindergarten – All the ingredients your child needs to succeed
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Active Play in Early Childhood: A Journey to Healthy Development
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Beyond the Ordinary: Where Intentional Teaching Meets Adventure
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Journey’s Community Program: Create A Sense Of Belonging For Children
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Nurturing Young Minds: The Power of Emergent Curriculum in Children’s Learning
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Let’s play outside! An inside on Journey’s outdoor environments
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Seamless Room Transitions: Individual Planning Journey for Children
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Create A Positive Learning Environment At Home
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Engaging Home Learning Activities for Your 5-Month-Old
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Unleash Mini Scientists: Fun & Easy STEM Activities for Toddlers!
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Fun-Filled Adventures: School Holiday Activities for Young Children
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Indoor Environment: The Benefits Of Construction Play
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Play-based Learning Ideas For Winter
reading educator school readiness development Read article
Reading Together Opens Doors: Into Other Worlds And To School.
Food Waste education prevent Read article
How Future Foodies Can Help Reduce Food Waste At Home.
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The New Journey Centre Ballarat East
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The building blocks to success? Building blocks!
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Lucas Rise – The New & Wonderful Journey Centre
Kindergarten Program Read article
Journeys Kindergarten Program
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The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt: 14 Great Tips
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Learn & Play. Sessional Kindergarten versus Long Day Care 
School-readiness' and how to get there. Read article
School Readiness – Made Easy To Play 
The Big Benefit Of More Days In Daycare Read article
The Big Benefit Of More Days In Childcare
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“Vitamin Sea” About The Water Safety Of Children At The Beach And Why Unicorns Have No Business There
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Dreams do come true at Journey…
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Learning Through Music and Brain Development
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Social Development In Early Childhood
KindiCare Excellence Awards 2022 Read article
Celebrate Journey Whittlesea as the Victorian Regional Winner of KindiCare Excellence Awards 2022
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Best Picture Books For Children 2022
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Why Is Messy Play Important? Read article
Why Is Messy Play Important?
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What To Prepare For The First Day Of Daycare
What Is Bush Kindy At Journey Early Learning? Read article
Bush Kindy At Journey Early Learning
People at KIDvention 2022 Read article
Look Forward To Seeing You at KIDvention 2022
Kindergarten program at Journey Whittlesea Read article
Our Kindergarten Program at Journey Whittlesea
First Day Of Kindergarten Read article
Prepare Your Child For The First Day Of Kindergarten 2024
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What Are The Benefits Of Nature Play Learning?
Nature Play Ideas Read article
Nature Play Ideas And Activities For Children
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Neighbour Day – Childcare Connection With Local Communities
Harmony week banner Read article
Harmony Week Craft Ideas For Children
: Journey Delacombe - A New Journey Centre In Ballarat Read article
Journey Delacombe – A New Journey Centre In Ballarat
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Separation Anxiety In Babies: The Parents Guide
Sensory Play Read article
Sensory Play: Benefits And Activities In 2024
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Online Safety For Children Under 5
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What is Storypark? Benefits and Guide for Parents
Nature-Based Learning Read article
5 Nature-Based Learning Ideas
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The Best Outdoor Environment Design in Childcare
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Outdoor Summer Safety Checklist For Children
Sustainability education for childcare centres at Journey Read article
Sustainable Practices At Journey Childcare
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Play-Based Learning Activities At Home
Benefits of play-based Learning Read article
Play-based Learning: Benefits and Examples
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The Journey Inspire program