Often, small moments of play lead to big moments of discovery. That’s why we provide a play-based program. Our play spaces encourage this by providing diverse and interesting environments for children to explore. Kinder children are extremely competent in guiding their own play and constructing their own knowledge. Our educators help and support children in discovering new information with books, technology and excursions. Familiar elements are included in the kindergarten Room to ensure children feel safe and secure while developing new skills and knowledge.

Community focus

Kinder children are beginning to recognise that they belong to a larger community. We proudly promote this by taking children out into the community so they can develop a better understanding of their place within it.

Preparation for school

School transition is a focus of our program and we work hard to ensure children are developed enough and have the knowledge to make this a smooth process. By providing a safe and secure environment, they develop confidence, resilience and a strong sense of self. We encourage a high level of independence by providing children with support, time and appropriate resources to do things for themselves.

The children in the kindergarten Room are also experiencing deeper friendships and, at times, need support to navigate this. Educators provide spaces where children can work collaboratively or by themselves and help them with the various social rules needed to work with others. These skills will be vital in their first year of school.

Funded Kindergarten Program

Funded kindergarten program.

The funded kindergarten program is designed to help 3-year and 4-year-old children enrol in early education by contributing funding to the program.

Funded Kindergarten Program

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