Our Story

Life is but a Journey...

And as your child
embarks on this
journey, we’re here
to help, encourage,
support and guide
them... and you.
We are committed to providing a safe, warm and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome.
Learning needs to be fun.
So Journey has developed an education approach that is inspiring and stimulating, filled with curiosity, wonder and joy.
And an integral
part of the wider
And above all else,
a focus on the future
filled with endless

Our Community

Journey Early Learning provides wonderful opportunities for our little adventurers to become an integral part of their local community.

Inspire. Connect. Belong.

Interacting and connecting with the local community, ensures a bond is maintained between the children and the community, creating a sense of familiarity and belonging. It sets a rewarding scene for every child to rightfully respect their local environment.
Journey Connect

A wholesome child is a happy child

And that’s why we’ve partnered with Wholesome Child. Their philosophy is simple: “Train children’s tastebuds to enjoy nourishing, nutritionally beneficial foods as early as possible to ensure optimal development and establish lifelong healthy eating behaviours.”

With our fresh, seasonal menus, we ensure all our children receive nutritious meals every day. But it’s not simply about nutrition, it’s also about discovering new things. Nothing beats tasting something new for the very first time, and we want our children to experience that for themselves.


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The Team

“In order to inspire lifelong learning in others, we must continue the learning journey ourselves.”

Ryan Meldrum

Ryan is one of the co-founders of Journey Early Learning and where it all began. An entrepreneur at heart, Ryan has founded many successful businesses in the past, and he brings all that experience and knowledge to Journey Early Learning. He has a young family of his own, so he understands the needs of families and children. When Ryan isn’t reading The Hungry Caterpillar or playing tennis, you’ll find him at one of our centres displaying the same hunger for knowledge and insatiable curiosity that our children display.

Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith is also a co-founder of Journey Early Learning and where Anthony’s Journey identity emerged. Anthony guides Journey with a wealth of early learning experience, having established the incredibly successful Guardian Early Learning Group in 2004. Anthony has three school-age children and is married to an early childhood teacher, so he truly understands the needs of both children and their families. When Anthony isn’t exploring the adventures of Hush in Possum Magic or discovering places on his boat, you’ll find him creating a little bit of magic in each of our centres.

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