Learning Environments

Our Rooms

Here at Journey, our little explorers thrive in classrooms where everyone is of a similar age and development; where shared learning can occur and strong friendships can develop. On top of that, every Kinder Room has an experienced and Bachelor qualified, Early Childhood Teacher (ECT).

Nursery Room

Nursery Room 0-2 Years

The Nursery is a calm, quiet and, above all, safe space where young children can enjoy one-on-one moments with educators, develop their connections, build trust and have all their daily care needs met.

Nursery Room children love to explore their immediate environment. We encourage them to use their senses to discover and build their knowledge.

Opportunities are provided for children to explore their emerging recognition of self, with mirrors, photos and educator reinforcement.

Toddler Room

Toddler Room 2-3 Years

If your child is between two and three years old, they’re officially in our Toddler Room. Here, the identity of each child is beginning to emerge and they are starting to see themselves as independent beings. They begin to explore through touch, to see what they like and how things work around them.

Pre-Kinder Room

Pre-Kinder Room 3-4 Years

Pre-Kinder children are emerging from their individual bubble and venturing into the world, socialising with others and wanting to develop more meaningful friendships.

Kinder Room

Kinder Room 4-5 Years

And finally, we have the Kinder Room, which is taught by an experienced and bachelor-qualified, Early Childhood Teacher. In the Kinder Room, children see themselves as part of the wider world, resulting in a deeper exploration of challenging and imaginative topics. All our play spaces encourage this by providing varied and interesting resources and materials for our children to experiment and explore.

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