Nutrition plays a vital role in a child’s development and instilling healthy eating habits at a young age can have lifelong benefits. But food is about so much more than just nutrition. That’s why we have created Future Foodies: A holistic food programme at the heart of every Journey Early Learning Centre.
Future Foodies at a glance:
• Menus specially developed by our experienced nutritionist
• Fresh, seasonal and wholesome produce
• Expanding children’s paletes with herbs and spices
• Feedback from children and chefs is actively incorporated into menus
• Custom menus adapted to individual needs (allergies, intolerances)
• Holistic approach to food
• Food is part of the curriculum and integrated into play based learning

Future Foodies Philosophy

Here at Future Foodies we’re on a mission to get children excited about food. Educating them about the entire food process, from planting through to composting. Encouraging them to be adventurous with exciting new flavours and textures. Reminding them that occasional treats are to be enjoyed. It’s not all broccoli birthday cakes. Bringing them together to share not only meals, but also jokes, stories and tall tales. Demonstrating that food is a wonderful gift to savour, enjoy and celebrate. From the very first bite to seconds (and thirds), our role is to instil a passion for food that will last a lifetime. In so doing we’re helping create the next generation of Future Foodies.

Chief Foodie Officer (CFO)

Future Foodies is headed up by Teri Lichtenstein, an accredited nutritionist and dietician with over 25 years experience. Teri is a member of Dieticians Australia, Sports Dieticians Australia, and was a Board Director of Nutrition Australia from 2017 to 2021. As a mother of two children, she understands that it’s vital to develop good eating habits from a young age. For Teri, it’s about keeping it real and focusing on not only nutrition, but also taste, novelty and inclusion.

Fresh, seasonal ingredients

Here at Future Foodies, we’re passionate about fresh, seasonal ingredients. Fresh produce is way healthier and provides superior nutrition for growing children. Fresh produce also tastes yummier, as well as being better for the environment and our local communities. You just can’t beat it!

We Are Hiring Chefs Now

Do you dream about Baked Alaska Flambé? Do you love experimenting with exciting new flavours and textures? Does the idea of instilling children with a passion for food excite you?
If so, we need your help in creating the next generation of Future Foodies. We’re not just looking for cooks, we’re looking for people who can inspire our children. People who live and breathe food.

Join the Future Foodies Community

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See how chef Sharonne inspires the children

I found that involving children in the cooking process by allowing them to handle simple tasks such as washing vegetables, chopping fruits, stirring or mixing ingredients can contribute to their willingness to try new food. Our kinder children have also paid a visit to the local supermarket to see where our food comes from.

Sharonne Desperles

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