Reflective play space

The Pre-Kinder spaces ensure there are opportunities for children to interact and work together, as well as encouraging their own independent learning. We provide many familiar activities and spaces for children to explore, as well as introducing fresh and exciting problem-solving activities that will expand their knowledge through experiential play.

Strong interactions

Interacting with adults and other children exposes children to different ideas, opinions, interests and skills. As a result, their curiosity and knowledge grows. The Pre-Kinder spaces provide a variety of different opportunities for children to work alone, in small groups and together, with an educator always nearby to support and guide them.


Pre-Kinder children are getting stronger and more capable with their self-help skills. The opportunities to practice and care for their own needs is promoted, which encourages confident behaviour.

Funded Kindergarten Program

Funded kindergarten program.

The funded kindergarten program is designed to help 3-year and 4-year-old children enrol in early education by contributing funding to the program.

Funded Kindergarten Program

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