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Creating Magical Outdoor Play Environments At Journey Early Learning

At Journey Early Learning, we are proud to work with experienced playscape providers like Barefoot Projects, who are just as passionate about creating beautiful outdoor environments that spark the imaginations of children as we are. Dan, the director of Barefoot Projects, and Steve, one of his designers, have played a key role in transforming our outdoor spaces with the Assets team to create magical places where children can thrive.

A Journey into Outdoor Play: Then and Now

The team reflected and shared their memories of childhood spent mostly outdoors, a stark contrast to today’s digital age. Playgrounds were often just concrete areas with a sandpit and slide, which lacked inspiration. They cherish their preference for natural materials and understand the importance of creating outdoor spaces that stimulate creativity and exploration for children of all ages.

Tailoring Unique Outdoor Experiences at Journey Early Learning

At Journey Early Learning, we believe in offering a diverse range of outdoor experiences that cater to every child’s unique preferences. We love incorporating water play, open spaces, and even sports fields. We design our central elements, such as climbing towers, to inspire imagination, encompassing everything from sensory paths to creative art and music spaces. We’re not afraid to embrace new ideas and always prioritise safety, never compromising fun.

Children’s Voices at the Heart of Our Outdoor Designs

Children’s input is at the heart of our design philosophy. We trust in their abilities and actively seek their feedback through interactions with our educators. At Journey, we engage in intensive exchanges for every new project to ensure that we hear children’s voices and incorporate them into our designs.

Crafting Engaging Outdoor Environments

The space available plays a significant role in shaping our outdoor areas. We carefully evaluate the available space and strategically place central elements like forts and water play areas to capture children’s and families’ interests. We also incorporate features like Journey laser cut panels into our forts and neutral colour pallets to create unique, engaging outdoor environments that link with our indoor spaces and align with the Journey Standards. No outdoor environment is the same at Journey, yet our commitment to safety is unwavering. We provide plenty of shade to ensure protection from the sun’s harsh rays. Additionally, we carefully select a combination of natural materials and durable alternatives. This selection is made with the aim of striking the right balance between safety and functionality.

Celebrating the Joy of Outdoor Play

For the Assets team, the true reward lies in the joy and excitement that children experience in the outdoor spaces they create, not to mention the educator’s appreciation and contribution towards bringing their vision to life. Whilst we may not always see the daily interaction with the outdoor environment, when we do, it’s a truly fantastic and rewarding experience.

A Diverse Range of Outdoor Learning Experiences at Journey

At Journey Early Learning, we understand that outdoor play is essential for children’s development. Our outdoor spaces provide various tools and features that support different types of learning. From swings that provide hours of fun to slides that enhance gross motor skills, we have a variety of activities available for our children. Our climbing structures are designed to boost upper body strength. We offer a diverse range of options to cater to different interests and physical development needs. Sandpits and water play areas encourage sensory and scientific exploration, while imaginative play areas promote social and emotional development.

The Evolution of Playgrounds: From Safety to Harmony

The concept of playgrounds has evolved over the years, emphasising both child development and safety. Journey Early Learning believes in creating a harmonious blend of natural materials and vibrant features in our playscapes. We are committed to providing unique and tailor-made outdoor environments that cater to the needs and desires of today’s children while staying environmentally conscious.

Join us at Journey Early Learning, where we’re dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that inspire, educate, and, most importantly, provide endless opportunities for your child’s growth and exploration.

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