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Journey Kindergarten – All the ingredients your child needs to succeed

 The transition to school is a significant step in our children’s lives – a turning point where growth, learning and new experiences intertwine. At Journey, we value this step and recognise the importance it has in shaping the lives of our young students. As experienced guides on this journey, we know where it all begins. 

4 Key themes to prepare your child for school 

Our Learning approach consists of 4 Key themes to prepare your child for school and life’s Journey: 

Thinking: Exploring big ideas to make big discoveries 

This includes, for example, name and letter recognition, phonetics, storytelling and books, Numeric recognition, tasks with complex instructions 

Socialising: The steppingstones to meaningful relationships and connection  

This includes, for example: Building relationships, school visits, belonging in my community, and exploring sustainability. 

Feeling: Nurturing their feelings and fostering empathy 

This includes, for example, identifying emotions, exploring culture and identity, exploring children’s rights, practicing school transitions 

Moving: Growing strong minds and bodies 

This includes, for example, creating healthy eating habits, road safety and awareness, fine motor work, establishing independence, and taking care of my belongings.

Shared Goals, Unique Paths: Customising Every Child’s Journey 

At Journey, our highly qualified and dedicated team of Early Childhood Teachers possesses a remarkable ability to engage with each child on a deeply personal level. Understanding that every young mind is unique, our educators are adept at tailoring their approach to suit the individual needs, strengths, and learning styles of each child. Through their expertise and genuine care, they create an inclusive and nurturing environment where children thrive, fostering a love for learning while honouring the distinct qualities that make each child exceptional. 

Unleashing Boundless Horizons: Limitless Learning Adventures! 

At Journey, we take immense pride in not only understanding and addressing the unique needs of each child but also in providing unparalleled opportunities to enrich their educational experience. Through our Connect and Inspire programs, the sky truly is the limit for our young learners. Our team goes above and beyond, curating a rich tapestry of resources, community engagements, and diverse excursions/incursions that seamlessly integrate into our curriculum. 

All aspects together make our learning program so unique. 
It empowers children, guiding them to soar from the monkey bars and glide into school with flying colours. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.  


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