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Neighbour Day – Childcare Connection With Local Communities


Here at Journey Early Learning, we know how crucial community connections are and the benefits this provides for our children and families. Creating strong and ongoing relationships with our local community ensures a sense of wellbeing and belonging for our children. Giving them the opportunity to embark on adventures and connect with their local community groups.

A community store at Journey’s Open Day market.
Journey’s Wanda truck delivers Journey’s early learning experience to our local communities.

In conjunction with our families, each of our Centres has created its individual Journey Connect program. A blend of educational incursions, excursions, educator inspire programs, parent pleasers and community partnerships. We connect our little adventurers with local community groups tapping into partnerships we’ve developed. Think aged care facilities, libraries, dentists, cafes, community gardens and the like.

t to an aged care facility
A visit to an aged care facility
A visit to a Woolworths store

As part of our Journey Connect program, we participate in Neighbour Day. Neighbour Day is a fantastic social campaign, that aims to reduce loneliness and support us to create sustainable and respectful relationships across all communities. Providing the opportunity for our Centres, families, educators, and children to come together, celebrate friendship and support each other.

For more information on Neighbour Day, tips and ideas to connect to your community please visit and subscribe to Neighbour Day’s monthly e-Newsletter.

To locate your local Journey Early Learning, find out about our amazing programs and become involved in our community please Contact Us.

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