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Bush Kindy At Journey Early Learning

Bush Kindy At Journey Early Learning

Getting outside and exploring the natural environment around us is incredibly important to the development of children. Bush Kinders is a unique way for children to learn about nature in environments outside of the normal classroom.

Here at Journey, we know how important exploring the great outdoors is, which is why we encourage all of our little superstars to discover nature hands on.

What is Bush Kindy?

What is Bush Kindy?

Finding ideas for outdoor nature-based learning can be tough, and Bush Kindy is designed to let your children engage with nature in a space away from their traditional learning environments. This gives them the freedom to use their imagination and see things from a different perspective.

Getting outside provides a sense of freedom that classrooms simply cannot offer. That is why bush kindy is a unique opportunity for kids to spend time outside each week to connect with nature and explore the world around them in a safe way.

What are the benefits of Bush Kindy?

Here at Journey, we know what is required to create the best outdoor environments for children.  Bush Kindy is a wonderful way to do just that and can provide children with a wide range of benefits, including:

Reduces stress

Being outdoors and in nature is a great way to help children to reduce stress and relax.

Enhance concentration

Alongside reducing stress, Bush Kindy can also help children to concentrate better. Natural environments help to enhance cognitive development, improving your child’s awareness and observational skills.

Boost physical health

Getting outside is also a fantastic way to improve the physical health of children. Regularly playing outside has been shown to improve motor functions, boost coordination and balance, and reduce sickness.

Develop social skills

Bush Kinder is also a great chance for kids to interact with each other, boosting their social interaction and language skills.

Nature play – why it’s important to get the little hands dirty?

We are big believers in the many benefits that come from play-based learning, and at Journey, we believe nature play has an important role in that. Nature play is all about letting children take the lead and be as inquisitive as they like, allowing them to explore the world around them without obstruction.

Learning more about nature play – What Is Bush Kindy At Journey Early Learning?

This ability ensures that children are able to enjoy a huge array of benefits that they cannot get from traditional classrooms. One of the most important is that they will be learning while having fun. Being outside is an incredible sensory experience with sights, sounds and smells that are impossible to replicate indoors.

By being able to explore, run around, and pick up leaves, they will be able to enhance their motor skills. Not only that but getting outdoors while young can also encourage children to follow a healthy lifestyle as they grow.

After all of that running around and exploring, nature play often results in a better night’s sleep for children, ensuring they wake up feeling regenerated and ready for the day ahead!

Nature play activities – Nature Play Ideas And Activities For Children

Journey’s Bush Kindy Programs

Being outdoors and having the time to explore and engage with nature is a lot of fun, but it is also proven to significantly improve all aspects of a child’s development. Each visit to Bush Kindy, we watch our amazing little people become more capable and confident, as they build their self-esteem and nurture their creativity.

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