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Kindergarten Program

How we prepare your child in Kindergarten for the next step into a big(ger) world.


It’s a big world out there, and we must ensure all our children are prepared for it. They must be brave, bold and inspired to make their mark in life. Our approved Journey Kindergarten program1 ensures that children are ready to take the next step on their education journey.

As your child starts Kindergarten, it is essential to consider the skills and experiences that will help them succeed in the school environment. Here at Journey, we strive to provide the best possible preparation for your children to ensure that they are ready to thrive there. The requirements here have changed remarkably since we went to school. It is good that with our highly qualified teachers, we know exactly what we are preparing for.  And, of course, we maintain close contact with the school to make the children’s transition as smooth as possible.2


Kindergarten: Time to learn, grow and explore

Overall, Kindergarten here at Journey is a time for children to learn, grow and explore the world around them and everything is geared towards that. The curriculum, the rooms and how our teachers interact with them: Our amazing teachers have a fine sense for knowing where they need to encourage and support in this process or where it’s better to offer comfort and a soft place to land when it doesn’t go to plan. This overall supportive and nurturing environment encourages the children at Journey to building self-confidence and independence.

Experience, expertise, and the fact that our teachers make every effort to get to know each child as well as possible and maintain close contact with their families are the basis for them to always know how best to support individual development. And this, in turn, is based on the trusting, secure and loving relationships that our teachers know how to build with our children – Which makes part of our Journey magic and contributes to the excellent learning experience we strive to over. 

To prepare for school transition, our team of highly skilled teachers focuses on developing foundational literacy, numeracy, and socialisation skills in a play-based learning environment that allows children to learn through exploration and discovery, promoting creativity, imagination, and physical development.

To ensure that our children are well-prepared for the next step, we focus on developing a range of skills, including:

  • Routines and coping with change.
  • Learning through play, play and more play.
  • Focus on social skills, e.g. taking turns, expressing feelings, and using words and gentle hands.
  • Focus on positive learning behaviours, e.g. listening, asking and answering questions, sharing ideas and waiting.
  • Focus on developing independence, e.g. organising hats, shoes, bags and water bottles.
  • Focus on responsible risk-taking, e.g. Is this safe? What are my limits?
  • Focus on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills.
  • Talking, singing, dancing, stories…
  • Invitational provocations for learning.
  • Individualised learning, i.e. tailoring learning experiences to children’s needs.
  • Focus on individual progress.


Learning needs to be fun.

At Journey, we are proud to have developed an educational approach that is inspiring and stimulating, filled with curiosity, wonder and joy. And that is also the reason why you won’t see situations like:

  • Children grouped and made to complete activities
  • Worksheets
  • Children are sitting at tables for a long time without choice.
  • Focus on ABCs and 1,2,3’s
  • Too much teacher talk
  • Perfectly crafted finished products

Our aim: Instil the love of learning

What drives us here at Journey in regard to our Kindergarten Program? It’s incredibly close to our hearts to instil in our children a love of learning. We are convinced that is the key to everything that follows. To be curious, to make discoveries, to develop solutions for problems ourselves, to have the social competence to be able to do this together in a group – all this is part of it for us. And that is why it is our greatest pleasure to encourage and support our children on this journey and celebrate their successes and milestones with them and their families. 


Want to learn more about our Funded Kindergarten & School Readiness Program? Book a centre tour today!


1 Our Kindergarten Program is approved for Victoria & Queensland. Our program also meets the requirements in the Northern Territories, but there is no such certification.

2 We are currently establishing it where this is not the case.


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