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Best Picture Books For Children 2022

One of the things we want to advocate to our children is an enthusiasm for reading because the love of reading is an essential step to becoming a successful lifelong learner.   

As part of this year’s Book Week, our educators have put together a selection of books for each age group that are wonderful in their own right. If there is still room on the bookshelf at home, these would definitely be worth considering. 

Best picture book for babies

Little Birds Day by Sally Morgan

This CBCA 2020 Notable Early Childhood and Picture Book of the Year is another favourite in the Nursery, but is equally loved by our Kindergarten children. The story follows Little Bird through her day as she sings her world alive, The words are soothing and the artwork of Johnny Warrkatja Malibirr really helps to bring the story to life.

Never Touch a Tassie Devil by Stuart Lynch

This touch and feel board book is a favourite of our nursery children, it introduces them to a range of Australian animals through rhyme, and warns of the dangers of touching animals…unless there in this book!

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

The formulaic repetition of the words, with accompanying animal characteristics and adjectives are perfect for oral language development. 

Baby business by Jasmine Seymour

This is about the ritual of indigenous families. It explains the importance of the smoking ceremony as a blessing and to protect the baby from harm.

Best picture book for toddlers

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Guy Parker-Rees and Giles Andreae

It’s got a lovely rhythm and an abundance of rhyming words, which are excellent for developing phonological knowledge. The story also conveys a lovely moral and conclusion.

Good Night Truck by Sally Odgers

This short, sweet book that follows the adventures of Truck, Digger, Boat and Rocket, who are settling down to rest after a long day of hard work is a long time favourite of our Pre-Kindy children.

Colour for Curlews by Renee Treml

A rhyming story to teach language and science concepts through colour mixing activities!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

This is a perfect mix of rhyme and repetition, with a good measure of suspense thrown in! Our Pre-Kindy children love the adventure and thrill of following a family as they splash through a river, swish through grass, squelch through mud, all before tiptoeing into a deep, dark cave to discover a bear!

Best picture book for ages 3-5

Daddy, Papa and Riley by Seamus Kirst and Devon Holzwarth

Not only does this book represents diversity in its characters, but also is about Riley’s first day at school. When I read this to my Kindergarten children, they were way more fixated on the school aspect, rather than Riley having two dads. 

Fancy Pants by Kellie Hibbert and Amanda Graham

A story about helping one another and in understanding big emotions

I’m Not Scared by Dan Crisp

Our Kinder children love this book and it’s in constant rotation in our “too read” pile. It follows the adventures of the bravest cat every as he faces all our common fears from spiders and crocodiles to vampires, skeletons, sharks and dragons. But who’s that knocking at the door? It is a wonderful tale that proves that even the bravest of us can be a scaredy cat occasionally.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

This book is a classic and well loved by all children. The Gruffalo has taken on a life all of his own here at Kindy, with his terrible tusks, and his terrible claws, and his terrible teeth in his terrible jaws. But does this make him the scariest creature in the deep dark woods? The big, brave mouse with the big imagination doesn’t think so and scares the Gruffalo back into his cave.

Dots by Giancarlo Macri

This deceptively simple book is the perfect book to introduce children to the concepts of differences and diversity, compassion, cooperation, and a sense of shared humanity. With simple black-and-white drawings it is fantastic tale of neighbours in a world, much like our own, of haves and have-nots, that discover great things happen when we learn to share and work together.

Benefits of Reading 

These books, selected with love and care by our educators, are, of course, unique. But no matter what, all books encourage imagination and active language acquisition. 

Reading assists children to build their vocabulary and communicate better. There is nothing better than seeing the concentration as children become fully immersed into the storyline of a great book.  

And, when children put themselves in the shoes of the main character, it helps them develop empathy, which of course, helps in their daily interactions.  

There are many positive benefits of reading to children. So, it’s time to get out your favourite books, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the journey together.  

We hope you enjoy it. 

Tips and Tricks  

How to make reading aloud together even more enjoyable.  

It’s true: Little tips and tricks make reading aloud even more enjoyable for children. The recommendation is to read slowly, pronounce the words clearly, and change the volume when reading aloud. Exciting content is best spoken softly, and cheerful sections loud and joyful.  

It is also good to adapt your voice to the characters. A bunny speaks differently than a lion or an elephant. Practice makes perfect.  

And finally, it works better and creates the proper tension when reading out loud with the appropriate facial expressions and gestures. The reading experience is perfect if you add short pauses in the proper text passages and delay to add a bit of suspense. 

We pride ourselves on offering parents the absolute best early learning advice possible, and our early learning centres are designed to inspire your loved ones.

Life is one big adventure, and our mission is to set them off on the path to success. Want to find out more? Find a local centre today.
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