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A Journey of Passion and Learning: Our New Centre in Nightcliff 

Welcome to Journey Early Learning, where we embark on an exciting journey of nurturing young minds. We are thrilled to share the story of our newly opened purpose-built Early Learning Centre in Nightcliff. In this article, we’ll take you through the passionate team that came together for this centre, and experience the wonderful open day. Also, meet our experienced Centre Manager, Tanya, who believes in creating a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for all children. 

A Passionate Team United: 

Building a purpose-built Early Learning Centre is no small feat, but with determination, dedication, and a shared passion for education, our team made it happen. From architects and contractors to educators and support staff, every individual involved poured their hearts into making this dream a reality. Despite the challenges, they worked tirelessly, ensuring that every aspect of the centre was designed with the children’s best interests at heart. And the result is just amazing.  

The Grand Opening: 

The day we opened our doors, June 13th, was nothing short of magical. Families, children, and staff gathered to celebrate this milestone in our journey. Excitement filled the air as our children explored their new surroundings, their eyes wide with wonder and curiosity. It was a joyous occasion, symbolising the beginning of a nurturing and inspiring learning experience for all. 

A Homely Haven for Little Learners: 

From the moment children step foot inside our Early Learning Centre, they are enveloped in a warm and homely atmosphere. Tanya, our experienced Centre Manager, understands the importance of creating a space where children feel safe, secure, and cherished. With over three decades of experience, her passion for early childhood education shines through every aspect of the centre. 

Tanya believes that children are capable learners, and it is her mission to provide them with an environment that fosters growth, exploration, and discovery. Drawing from her wealth of knowledge, she has curated a comprehensive curriculum that combines play-based learning with rich educational experiences. 

A Beautiful Inspirational Indoor Setting: 

Step inside our purpose-built Early Learning Centre, and you’ll be captivated by the beautiful and inspirational indoor setting. All classrooms at Journey Early Learning Nightcliff are thoughtfully designed. They feature warm and inviting colours, along with natural materials. Our engaging learning areas are filled with age-appropriate resources that spark imagination and curiosity. Natural light floods the rooms, creating a warm and inviting ambience that fosters a love for learning. Each space is carefully curated to provide children with a stimulating environment to explore, create, and grow. 

Amazing Outdoor Space for Endless Adventures: 

Our outdoor space is a haven for exploration, adventure, and boundless fun.  The children’s imaginations soar as they climb, slide, swing, and play in our climbing forte. Our outdoor play area is complete with slippery slides, swings, and a tepee, creating endless adventures for them to explore. This play structure encourages physical activity, enhances coordination, and provides a platform for imaginative play. As children engage in interactive play and build lasting friendships, they develop social skills and learn the value of teamwork, all while having a blast. 

The large undercover play space/veranda offers shade and protection from the sun, ensuring that outdoor play can happen as often as possible.  

Excursions and Adventures: 

One of Tanya’s many plans for the centre is to provide children with a wide range of experiences beyond the classroom. Excursions to local destinations, various incursions, and outdoor adventures like Beach and Bush Kindy are all on her agenda for the children. She understands the value of hands-on learning and believes that these experiences will broaden children’s horizons and ignite their passion for exploration. 

A Splash of Fun: 

In addition to exciting excursions and enriching incursions, Tanya also plans to take the children on regular trips to the pool. These aquatic adventures will promote physical development and foster water confidence and water safety skills. As the children dive into these experiences, they will gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. They will develop skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. 

Future Foodies – Exploring the World of Taste and Nutrition

The team at Journey Nightcliff believes that a well-balanced diet is crucial for children’s development. That’s why Journey introduced the Future Foodies program—an exciting culinary adventure for children. Our talented nutritionist has developed exclusive recipes that introduce children to the world of taste and nutrition. Under the guidance of our skilled chef, children will have the opportunity to engage in age-appropriate cooking experiences, taste a variety of flavours, and learn about healthy food choices. This program not only ignites their passion for food but also instils lifelong habits of healthy eating. 

Welcoming and Supporting Parents: 

We understand that parents play a crucial role in their child’s early learning journey. That’s why we offer complimentary coffee and snacks for parents, creating a welcoming space where they can connect with other parents, share experiences, and build a supportive community. We value the partnership between families and our dedicated team, and we strive to create an inclusive environment where parents feel valued, supported, and involved. 

If you want to sum it all up, you could probably say that Journey Early Learning Nightcliff and it’s unique and passionate team are committed to providing a holistic and inspiring environment where all children can thrive. From the beautiful indoor setting to the Future Foodies program, the amazing outdoor space, and the support we offer to parents, every aspect of our centre is designed with the well-being and development of children in mind.  

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey of learning at Journey Nightcliff, discovery, and endless possibilities. 

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