Monika’s journey: From Barista to Behaviour Technician to Educator

Monika Periaho | Lead Educator | Journey Brisbane Airport

As I reflect on the journey that has brought me to where I am today, I’m reminded of the diverse experiences that have shaped my career path. Each stage has been pivotal in guiding me towards my true passion: early childhood education and care.

Childhood Dreams and Coffee Beans

My journey began with the innocence and wonder of childhood, where every day held the promise of new adventures. Little did I know that my path would lead me from the bustling world of hospitality, where I honed my skills as a manager, barista, and trainer, to the fulfilling realm of child education and care.

A Spark Ignites: Discovering a Passion

It was the arrival of my niece that sparked a profound shift within me. Witnessing her growth and development ignited a passion for child education and care that I never knew existed. I immersed myself in the world of early intervention, working with children on the autism spectrum, and discovered the joy of helping them navigate their unique challenges.

Navigating Challenges: Embracing Growth

As I delved deeper into the world of behaviour therapy, I encountered both triumphs and challenges. I witnessed the impact of effective intervention strategies firsthand, yet also faced moments of exhaustion and self-doubt. However, these experiences only fueled my determination to learn and grow as a professional.

Finding Home: A Journey with Journey

My journey led me to Journey Early Learning, where I found a community of like-minded educators who shared my passion and values. Here, I was embraced with open arms and given the opportunity to thrive. With the support of my colleagues and mentors, I navigated through challenges and celebrated successes, all while staying true to the guiding principles of positive behaviour guidance.

Influencing Practice: Shaping the Future

At Journey, I’ve had the privilege of influencing practice through in-classroom leadership and collaboration. Together with my colleagues, I’ve implemented strategies to support children’s social, emotional, and self-regulation development. From creating inclusive learning environments to fostering meaningful connections with families and communities, every action has been guided by a shared commitment to excellence.

Guiding Positive Behaviour: Impacting Lives

One of the most impactful initiatives at Journey has been the Guiding Positive Behaviour Program. Through this program, I’ve gained invaluable insights and tools to support children’s behavioural development. From critical reflection to proactive intervention, every aspect of this program has contributed to the holistic growth of our children.

As I look ahead to the future, I’m filled with excitement and anticipation. With the unwavering support of my Journey family, I know that the possibilities are endless. Together, we’ll continue to nurture young minds, inspire positive change, and embark on new adventures.

After all, as we’ve come to understand, life is a journey – and this is just the beginning.

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