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As a parent, you will no doubt already know how challenging it can be to get your child to eat healthily. However, eating a well-balanced diet that is packed with nutritious foods is not only essential in helping children grow strong physically but also mentally. A healthy child is a wholesome child, and ensuring your child is eating a diet with the right nutrients will give them the best start on their journey in life.

We all know the benefits of eating well, but getting your children to follow a healthy diet can be very tough. Children can be very fussy eaters, which makes it tough to come up with nutritious dinners that they will love.


The challenges of getting your child to eat healthily

However, it is not just picky eaters that can make it tough to get your children to eat healthily. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be tough to find the time to whip up delicious and healthy meals every day.

Of course, these are not just the only challenges that parents face. A recent study by the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne found that:

  • 57% of parents found it difficult to know what foods were healthy when doing their weekly shop, while 67% struggled to know how much sugar was in each product.
  • 95% of school children were not eating their recommended daily serving of vegetables.
  • Parents are giving their children too many sweet treats, with 41% of preschool children having a treat every day. Check out: Wholesome child menu for oral health.
  • 26% of parents mistakenly believed that fruit drinks were healthier than water.
  • One in four children were overweight or obese.



Why healthy eating is important for early childhood

No matter our age, we can all benefit from adopting a more nutritious diet. However, this is even more important for young children. Eating the right foods at an early age helps to encourage optimal brain development while also ensuring that children develop the right eating habits throughout their life.

If you want to give your child the best start in life, then there are many benefits to ensuring they eat a healthy diet. These include:

Encourage development

One of the biggest benefits of following a healthy diet at a young age is that it helps to encourage both physical and mental development. Our bodies need certain nutrients and vitamins to grow, and a healthy diet will ensure that our bones are able to grow strong and our brains can develop too.

Maintain a healthy weight

Children are incredibly active, but it can be very easy for them to eat the wrong foods and become overweight. Following a nutritious and healthy diet will help you to ensure that your child is able to maintain a healthy weight.

Develop a strong immune function

Alongside helping to develop your child’s physical and mental development, following a healthy diet will also help to boost their immune system. Research has shown that children who consumed higher amounts of fruits and vegetables had a lower risk of catching colds and flues.

Increased brain function

In order to function at capacity, our brains need to be fuelled by the right nutrients. A healthy diet will give children everything they need to help enhance their focus and improve their performance.



How Wholesome Child can help

Having the knowledge of what foods are best and finding the time to cook delicious and healthy meals can be tough. Wholesome Child is an innovative brand designed to help parents quickly improve the health and wellbeing of their families.

The wholesome child cook book

The unique company was founded by leading Australian Paediatric Nutritionist Mandy Sacher with the aim of helping to transform how parents feed their children. As a single parent of two children, Mandy knew all too well just how tough it can be to balance a busy lifestyle with healthy eating. That is why she created Wholesome Child, to help parents with the best advice and tips on nutrition.

The Wholesome Child recipe book is packed with delicious and nutritious recipes the whole family will enjoy. From smoothies and treats to meals for fussy eaters, the Wholesome Child website has them all. Mandy and the community she has built also provide a huge array of healthy eating tips and tricks to help support parents who are looking to improve how their children are eating.



Start the journey of life in the best possible way!

Here at Journey Early Learning, we know how important nutrition and healthy eating is when it comes to giving your child the very best start in life. That is why we have partnered with Wholesome Child to help create the most nutritious and healthy recipes for children.

We have created customised menu plans for parents that have been designed exclusively for our Journey children. These menus focus solely on whole foods and seasonally available produce, ensuring the healthiest and most sustainable meals to feed your child.

All of our Journey staff have received comprehensive training and advice on how to manage things such as fussy eating, allergies and food refusal. Alongside this, they have also practised ways to promote healthy eating for all of our students. We want to encourage our children to enjoy nutritional beneficial foods from a young age, ensuring they are able to have the best start in life.

Of course, a healthy diet is just one aspect of early learning. We focus on creating a fun and engaging learning environment. We believe that little explorers learn best when they are able to engage and interact with the world around them, which is why we provide a play-based learning environment to help them thrive!

Our facilities are managed by highly experienced and qualified Early Childhood Teachers eager to help you inspire your child to greatness! Want to start their journey today?

Get in touch and find your nearest centre today!



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