4C – Where Heartfelt Vision and Team Excellence Thrive

When Anthony and Ryan first envisioned Journey, it wasn’t solely about conceptualising the service they aimed to offer, as Journey is more than just a business venture; it’s a heartfelt commitment—a vision of how it should resonate. Crafting Journey was about shaping a service and, at the same time, envisioning what they wanted to offer and how it would feel for the children, their families, and our incredible team.
The essence of these thoughts: Our Journey standards each of us holds in our hands daily.

Preserving the Spark

But keeping the initial spark alive is more than just a task; it is an art form, especially within our growing company. Many falter here, but not Journey—our guiding principle, our Journey’s red thread, weaves through everything.

Unveiling Excellence: The Transformative Power of Ongoing Training

Our 4C training has been the cornerstone of our growth. These seminars are a hub for exchange, teamwork, inspiration, and mastering new methods. It’s a platform where everyone benefits, even if not everyone on site participates, as the results are shared and brought to life in each centre.

Curious about a day at 4C’s training? We invite you to glimpse through a video we’re sharing. Let’s dispel any notion—it’s not just fun and games! Play-based learning is an extraordinary approach for children and for grown-ups – and let’s be real, nobody enjoys watching the dull bits, right?