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Social distancing shouldn’t mean social isolation. If a family goes into isolation, we want to ensure the connection between the children, their centre and fellow explorers remain in place. To ensure this happens, and to assist with a smooth transition back into the centre at some stage, Journey Early Learning have developed the Journey Home Learning Program.

Together, on every step of the Journey


Your map to discover early learning gold. Our resource book is chock full of interactive ideas that spark curiosity and joy, keeping your little ones focused, motivated and entertained at home.

Thousands of ideas and

Developed by
early learning professionals

Maintaining learning and
fundamental growth


With your input, a custom learning plan will be developed for your intrepid explorer, based on their learning goals and interests. This plan consists of selective activities, video group time and an afternoon activity, all shared daily on your Storypark app.

An interactive home
learning plan

Share, comment and post videos
of your child learning

Fully customized for your child’s
learning group goals

Online Lessons

These live video sessions keep your child connected to their educators and friends. They will be able to listen to their favourite stories, sing familiar songs, and participate in group experiences vital for early learning.

Accessible learning for all
remote environments

Maintain familiarity with
teacher and class learning

Connect to an immersive social
experience with class friends

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