Funded Kindergarten Program 2023

As a parent, you naturally want to give your child the best start in life.

At Journey, we know that kindergarten is an essential building block for your child’s education. That is why we pride ourselves on delivering high quality early learning and rewarding programs for your child.
Our funded kindergarten program has been created to give every child in VIC and QLD the best start to their education. Each program is delivered and taught by our bachelor-qualified early childhood teachers. Discover your funding here.
Funded Kindergarten Program at Journey early learning

What is a funded kindergarten?

The funded kindergarten program is designed to help more children enrol in early education by providing a contribution towards the cost of the program. Created and delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, the program aims to support each child’s learning and development in line with the government’s early years learning and development framework.

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What are the benefits of attending kindergarten?

These formative years are vital for a child’s development. It’s where they learn to interact socially and build the foundations for future education. Play-based learning is beneficial, inspiring their creativity, improving their social skills, leading to a longer and healthier life.
Program delivered over the course of the entire day.
Bachelor-qualified educators lead the room.
Open-door policy encourages family connection.
Prepares your child for school.

School Readiness

The benefits of attending a pre-kinder and kinder room extend far beyond a child’s school years. Starting a quality program at an earlier age has a hugely positive impact on their development, helping them to develop key life skills.
Research has shown that children in Year 3 who attended kindergarten were up to 20 weeks ahead of those who did not. Equally, by the age of 16, students who attended three years of kindergarten were more likely to achieve higher scores in their Maths and English exams.

Play-based Learning

Play-based learning gives each child a chance to explore the world around them through play, letting their imagination come alive. This helps them listen, learn and engage with others.
A play-based learning kindergarten can also encourage children to be more curious while boosting their confidence
in the process.

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Kindergarten Programs by State

Kindergarten Programs differ from state to state. Click your state below to see how it works.


There are various types of kindergarten programs that children in Victoria can enrol in. The government is currently investing nearly $5 billion over the next ten years, ensuring children are able to access two years of funded kindergarten programs.

3 year old kinder program

The Victorian government is currently rolling out a funded three-year-old program across the state, making it the first territory in Australia offering funded kindergarten for all three-year-olds. From 2022, children across the state will have access to a teacher-led program a week, with this increasing to 15 hours by 2029.
Journey are committed to reinvesting the funding back into our program. We use these funds to better our program with free excursions, incursions and extra resources to benefit the children.
In order to be eligible for the 3-year-old funded kindergarten program in Victoria, a child will need to be three years of age by April 30 of the year they have enrolled in. Families with children born between January and April can choose which year they would prefer to start their child in three-year-old Kinder. These children can start in the same year they turn three, or in the year they turn four years of age. To calculate when your child will be ready for three-year-old Kinder, please click here.

4 year old kinder program

If your child is four, the Victorian government will help support the cost of your child attending a kindergarten for 15 hours a week. It gives children a chance to learn valuable skills and gain essential experience the year before they start school.
In order to be eligible for the funding, a child will need to be four years of age by April 30 of the year they have enrolled in. For example, if a child was born between 1 May 2017 and 30 April 2018, they would be eligible to attend kindergarten in 2022.


4 year old kinder

Open to all children aged four by 30 June in the year that they start. The program offers 15 hours of kindergarten a week for 40 weeks. These 600 hours of learning are designed to support your child’s physical, social, and intellectual skills, as well as supporting their language skills and enhancing their emotional capabilities.
In order to be eligible for funding, a child will need to be four years of age by June 30 of the year they have enrolled in. For example, if a child were born between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018, they would be eligible to attend kindergarten in 2023. Parents will need to provide evidence in the form of a birth certificate.
The subsidy is applicable for one approved kindergarten program at a time, and there are processes in place to avoid a child taking part in two funded programs at the same time. To work out when your child can start Kindergarten in Queensland, you can use this calculator.

Featured at our Kindergartens

Qualified Early Childhood Teacher to inspire and encourage your child.
Focus on preparing and smoothly transitioning your child into school.
Development of invaluable social, language and literacy skills.
A safe and engaging environment where everyone feels welcome.
Support for children and families every step of the way.

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