Journey Burwood, where your child’s learning begins

Journey Early Learning Burwood

3-5 Starling Street,
Burwood, VIC 3125

Centre Hours

6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

Our Facilities

  • Spacious rooms with natural light
  • Free coffee & snacks for parents
  • Rooftop & large deck
  • Water pump & rock climbing
  • Sensory walls


Journey Early Learning Centre Burwood is where your child’s journey begins. Our Early Learning Centre provides intentional learning opportunities daily with a focus on literacy and numeracy, language, life skills, music and rhythm, and more. Our Government Approved Funded Kindergarten Program ensures children from three-years-old are prepared for their journey to school. Journey Burwood is purpose-built and is located opposite St Scholastica’s Catholic Primary School, just off the Burwood Highway on Starling Street.

Our education philosophy inspires children to learn, preparing them for school and the journey ahead.

Here at Journey Burwood, we’re on a mission to offer the best early learning experience in Victoria. We employ a variety of well established learning methods, permanent learning areas where children can extend their own learning, and we adhere to the Early Years Learning Framework.

Play Based Learning

Children learn best when their bodies and minds are stimulated, and being active allows them to do just that.

Our play based learning program is taught in conjunction with our structured, academic curriculum. This creates a balanced education for your child’s development, preparing them for school and life.
Guided play is highly engaging and fun for children. We encourage this approach because learning through play creates a more independent and creative mindset, supporting children throughout their lives with: higher cognitive flexibility, stronger memory recall and greater self-regulation.


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Emergent Curriculum

An Emergent curriculum allows us to respond to the observations of children and scaffold their learning as it occurs. We build on a child’s prior learning and current interests, introducing new ideas and learning opportunities that challenge and extend their understanding of the world.


School Readiness

We work collaboratively with local Burwood schools to ensure children and schools are ready. It’s not just an end of year approach. For example, every school age child will know where their new school library, tuckshop and classroom is before they leave our centre.


Community and Culture

It’s important for children to find their place in the world, that’s why we provide regular opportunities for children to explore our local, multi-cultural community and find their place within it. Our local partnerships enable us to support and actively immerse ourselves in Burwood.


Children at the centre

Our relationships with the children are paramount. We ensure all children at Burwood are treated as individuals and given the opportunity to thrive. We listen to them and value their opinions. This sense of belonging empowers them to become better learners.




What does your child’s learning at
Journey Burwood look like?




Bringing science, technology, engineering, and maths to life. Allowing our children to learn and retain a knowledge base that they can build on as they get older.


Physics & Water Play

Learning about physics and fluid dynamics through lifting, pouring, and carrying of water. The fundamental steps for physical balance and ratio awareness.



Learning the fundamental building blocks of maths. Stacking, grouping and counting, it’s how we start!


Gardening & Environment

Learning about biology and plants, including how things grow and where food comes from. Important for children’s wider recognition and worldly responsibility.


STEAM Sensory Play

Incorporates the different senses to help develop fine motor skills of touch and feeling, along with spatial awareness and creative thinking.


Music with Natalie

Children are born into a world of sound and movement. Music helps their intellectual, imaginative, emotional, social and cultural growth.






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