Journey Connect

It’s vital that our little explorers stay connected and maintain a sense of belonging with their local neighbourhood.

That’s why we run the ‘Journey Connect’ program – a chance for our little adventurers to connect with their local community. We do this by connecting with local community groups, utilising our educators’ hidden talents or bringing the community straight to us, with community-based activities in our centres.

Community Inspire

Tapping into the unique community-based skills of our educators, we will offer a range of cultural and social activities to inspire children, including:

— Culture & Language
— Food & Cooking
— Nature & Wildlife

— Music & Dance
— Yoga & Meditation
— Health & Movement

Community Connect

We connect our little adventurers with local community groups tapping into partnerships we’ve developed. Think aged care facilities, libraries, dentists, cafes, community gardens and the like. Our community excursions start with our little explorers getting dressed up in appropriate safety gear like high viz vests — it’s the real deal!

Community Belong

Interacting and connecting with the local community, ensures a bond is maintained between the children and the community, creating a sense of familiarity and belonging. It sets a rewarding scene for every child to rightfully respect their local environment.

Journey Connect +

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Meet Wanda

We can’t always bring people to our centres, but now we can take our centre to the people. Introducing Wanda, a mobile embodiment of who we are. Look out for her at a community event near you.

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