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A Parents’ Guide To Toilet Training

Guide To Toilet Training

Are you looking to start toilet training your child? This is a big step in every child’s journey to independence, but it can also be a very time-consuming process for parents. Knowing the right time to start, what to expect, and some top tips to help make reaching this important milestone as easy as possible can be tough.

That is why we thought we would put together a comprehensive guide to toilet training your little one to help you.

Don't panic

When should you start toilet training?

One of the most frequent questions that parents ask is when the right time is to start teaching their child to use the toilet. This is an important skill for them to have and can help to give them a sense of achievement and independence. For parents, it also means you no longer have to face dirty nappies!

Every child will develop at their own individual pace, so it is important to remember not to push your child until they are ready. Typically, most children will start potty training when they are between 18 months and three years old, but it can sometimes take longer.

Is your child ready for toilet training?

What are the signs that your child is or is not ready for toilet training?

Knowing the signs that indicate your child is ready to begin toilet training can help you to start teaching them. Some of the most common signs include:

Dry periods

One of the most common indications that your child is ready to start learning how to use the toilet is finding that their nappies are remaining dry for periods of two hours or more. This is a good sign that their bladder muscles are developing and getting stronger.

Another good indication that they are ready is finding that they are not waking up through the night and their nappies remain dry in the morning.

They indicate they’re ready

Sometimes, your child will let you know they need to go to the toilet, either verbally or using signs such as pulling their trousers up and down.

Dislike wearing a nappy

As your child goes through longer periods of being dry, you might notice that they are becoming more agitated when having to wear soiled or wet nappies.

Of course, there are also signs that indicate your child is not ready to start toilet training just yet, so keeping an eye out for these is equally as important.

They’re wet all the time

If your child is continuously wet, then this is a good sign that they are not yet ready to begin learning to use the toilet. Also, if they are regularly pooping and peeing without any signs of being able to hold it, then you should wait a little longer until they have better control.

Not interested

If your child has no interest in learning to use the toilet, then it will make the process increasingly more difficult. That is not to say that every child will be excited to use the toilet, but they should at least show some curiosity and interest in it.

Not able to undress

Another major sign that your child is not yet ready for toilet training is that they are not yet able to undress themselves. So if they still find unbuttoning their jeans or pulling their trousers down difficult, then it might be wise to wait a little longer.

Top tips for toilet training

Top tips for toilet training

If your loved one is showing signs that they are ready to begin the process of learning to use the toilet, then here are some top tips to help make the process easier.

Introduce them to the toilet

One of the first things that you should do is to introduce them to the toilet. You can do this while they are fully clothed, allowing them to understand what to expect and how it works.

Observe their patterns

Another great tip is to closely monitor their behaviour and patterns. This should include the times that they usually need to go to the bathroom and the signs that indicate that they need to use the loo.

Provide positive encouragement

You should make sure that your child receives plenty of positive encouragement. That means praising them when they successfully use the loo or when they have tried their best.

Regularly ask if they need the loo

Sometimes children can become too distracted with playing to realise that they need to go to the loo, often meaning that it is too late. That is why you should regularly ask them throughout the day if they need to go to the toilet.

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How Journey can help you

What can you expect the childcare centre to help with?

It is always important to inform your childcare centre that you are currently training your child to use the toilet. They will understand what an important milestone this is and will be able to support your child during the process.

The educators will be able to ask your child regularly if they need to use the toilet, ensuring that they do not become too distracted during activities or while playing. They will also make sure that your loved one receives all of the positive encouragement they need.

How Journey can help you

Here at Journey, we know what a big step teaching your child how to use the toilet can be. This is a vital part of their pathway to growing up, and our experienced team are on hand to support your child every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on offering parents the absolute best early learning advice possible, and our early learning centres are designed to inspire your loved ones.

Life is one big adventure, and our mission is to set them off on the path to success. Want to find out more? Find a local centre today.

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