Journey Early Learning Lucas

25 Harris Drive, Lucas, VIC 3350

Centre Hours

6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

Our Facilities

  • Spacious rooms with natural light
  • Free coffee & snacks for parents
  • Tiered space to develop gross motor abilities


Journey Early Learning Lucas is where your child’s journey begins. We provide a nurturing environment filled with curiosity, wonder and joy. It’s a place where children aged from six weeks to six years of age can make a positive start to a life of learning, development, growth and opportunity.

Journey Early Learning Lucas is a warm and welcoming centre where our little explorers feel right at home. With many shared values, the transition to Journey was seamless, with many of the educators continuing on with us. Journey Lucas is the ideal place for little adventurers who have a natural sense of curiosity.

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Hello and welcome to Journey Lucas! My name is Bec and as the Centre Manager, I look forward to showing you through our inspiring playspaces and introducing you to the team.

Having worked in the early childhood sector for eighteen years, I see my philosophy for early years education and care as dynamic; influenced by my experience across a variety of settings, as well as ongoing education and continuous professional development.

Above all, I respect the primary attachment between a child and their family and believe that positive family involvement in a child’s education is essential for their ongoing learning and development. I value the child’s family as not only their first and most influential teacher, but as experts on their own child and an invaluable source of information and support for professionals in the education and care setting. I believe that each family entering the learning environment should be greeted by educators with a warm, sincere welcome, and be made to feel that they are valued members of the learning community.

I view all children as capable learners, and believe that as educators, we should be considering children as our equals in the education and care environment, placing significant value on their thoughts, ideas and contributions to our early years’ community.

As a parent of two young children and Ballarat local, I’m looking forward to strengthening our community connections and bringing the Journey values to life to give your children the best start to their learning.

The Journey Early
Learning difference

Children playing at childcare centre

Community activities

Interacting and connecting with the local community, ensures a bond is maintained between the children and the community, creating a sense of familiarity and belonging. It sets a rewarding scene for every child to rightfully respect their local environment.
Child jumping in puddle at new childcare centre in Ocean Grove

Exploring nature-based play

Children love getting out and exploring in nature. It really is the greatest teacher. Nature based play is a core part of our curriculum. That’s because it teaches them vital life skills including confidence, independence, exploration and cooperation. Playing outside also promotes health and wellbeing and teaches them respect for the environment.

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