Journey Early Learning Essendon

7-13 Bulla Road, Essendon North VIC 3041

Centre Hours

7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

Our Facilities

  • Spacious rooms with natural light
  • Free coffee & snacks for parents


Journey Early Learning Centre Essendon is where your child’s journey begins. Our Early Learning Centre provides intentional learning opportunities daily with a focus on literacy and numeracy, language, life skills, music and rhythm, and more. Our Government Approved Funded Kindergarten Program ensures children from three-years-old are prepared for their journey to school.
Journey Essendon’s Educational and Developmental Curriculum is developed from the Victorian Early Years Learning Curriculum, based on the individual child’s interests, strengths, family expectations and professional intent. We have an Art Atelier space, Italian language sessions for Pre Kinder and Kinder, as well as a music program for all ages.
We collaborate closely with families through day-to-day professional conversations and hold parent-teacher interviews. Our parents stay informed and connected to their child’s progression with daily program evaluations and learning using our Storypark communication platform.
In order to ensure every child is prepared for school, our Kindergarten classrooms are intentionally designed by our Teachers to align with the Journey Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework and Curriculum. Our Government Approved Funded 3 and 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Classrooms are run by ACCEQA approved Early Childhood Teachers and Qualified Educators. Children enrolling in our 4-Year-Old Kinder Program are provided with ongoing support from teachers in preparation for school through our School Readiness Program.

Funded Kindergarten Program

We’ve designed a helpful Child Care Subsidy calculator so you can discover more about your government entitlements. Need help? We’re here to chat, just book an appointment below.

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Welcome to Journey! my name is Nika and I am the Centre Manager of Journey Early Learning Essendon. With a passion for the Early Childhood sector since 2009 and armed with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, I bring over a decade of experience as a Kindergarten teacher, along with my expertise in leadership roles.
At our centre, we embrace the uniqueness of each child, recognizing their individuality and treating them with the utmost respect. Every child has the right to belong, learn, grow, and flourish in a safe and supportive environment. We believe in nurturing their curiosity and fostering a genuine eagerness to learn.
Understanding that children learn at their own pace, we prioritize providing ongoing experiences and activities tailored to their developmental readiness. Our approach encourages ample opportunities, space, and time for children to independently explore their surroundings while engaging with their peers and dedicated educators.
We take pride in our open-door policy, warmly welcoming families and the wider community. It is vital that every visitor feels a deep sense of belonging within our service. We value the participation and involvement of families, knowing that their collaboration enriches the learning journey of each child.
To ensure the smooth functioning of our service, we believe in the power of teamwork. Communication flows freely, ensuring that every voice is heard, valued, and respected. We embrace constructive feedback as a means for continuous growth and learning, collectively evolving as a cohesive unit.
We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to welcome you and your child into our nurturing environment. Let’s embark on an incredible journey of discovery, growth, and joyous learning together.

The Journey Early
Learning difference

Community activities

– Frequent community exploration and visit

Child jumping in puddle at new childcare centre in Ocean Grove

Exploring nature-based play

Children love getting out and exploring in nature. It really is the greatest teacher. Nature based play is a core part of our curriculum. That’s because it teaches them vital life skills including confidence, independence, exploration and cooperation. Playing outside also promotes health and wellbeing and teaches them respect for the environment.

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