Transitioning to Journey FAQ’s

Transition details

What is happening?
Journey Early Learning is expected to become the operator of your Cherish Early Learning Centre as of close of business Friday, 3 July 2020.
Who is Journey Early Learning?
Journey Early Learning is a small, privately operated, early learning group owned by Anthony Smith and Ryan Meldrum.
Anthony is a father of three school age children, and his wife, Hallie is an Early Childhood Teacher. He has comprehensive, firsthand experience having worked in the early childhood profession for more than 14 years.
Ryan has a wealth of experience in providing highly satisfying and rewarding environments for educators and staff and a very clear understanding of what it takes to provide an outstanding early learning service to the local community. In addition, Ryan’s wife, Michelle is a teacher and has a focus on quality education.
Why Journey Early Learning?
Journey Early Learning is dedicated to providing the very best in early education and care for our children and families. The early years are the most critical stage of a child’s development and we have a responsibility to do all we can to optimise a child’s experience during their time with us.
Journey Early Learning has the same high standards as Cherish Early Learning and similar values for providing the best quality education and care. Your Cherish Early Learning Centre will continue to grow and be successful under Journey Early Learning’s leadership.
We are committed to investing in our people, curriculum, facilities and resources to inspire lifelong learning.
When is this happening?
The first official date these centres will operate as Journey Early Learning is expected to be Monday, 6 July 2020.
Where are the Journey Early Learning centres located?
A complete list of Journey Early Learning centres can be found on the Journey Early Learning website
Why has Journey Early Learning acquired your Cherish Early Learning Centre?
Journey Early Learning and Cherish Early Learning both share a firm commitment and passion for providing the highest quality child care and education, making this partnership a natural fit. The addition of this centre supports Journey’s strong track record and leadership in the early childhood sector.
What date will my fees be direct debited?
CCS will return on Monday, 13 July which works seamlessly with our billing schedule. Our fees will continue to be processed fortnightly in arrears, with our first billing cycle on Thursday, 23 July, to pay for the fortnight from 13/07/20 to 26/07/20.

Cherish Early Learning transition to Journey

What does this mean for the centre my child attends?
Current fees, payment schedules, enrolment and attendance days will all continue as normal at this time. Likewise, if you are waiting for additional days or are on a waitlist for a sibling, the waitlist and waitlist order will not be changing.
Will my child be cared for by the same Educators?
Yes. The educators your child has come to know, and love will be continuing in their positions.
Journey Early Learning will work efficiently to get to know the Cherish Early Learning educators and answer any questions they have to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible.
Will there be any change to the team who manage the centre?
No. Journey is committed to ensuring that the strong relationships you and your children have with the Cherish Early Learning team continue.
Will the centre change to Journey branding?
Yes. Your centre will be rebranded to reflect the Journey branding. We will continue to communicate and work with the centre teams and families as we work through this phase of the integration.
Will Journey be making any changes to the facilities?
Journey will firstly work closely with the Cherish Early Learning team to welcome them and deeply understand how the centre operates. From here, we will begin to introduce Journey programs and make changes to any services or facilities at your centre where needed.
Will my fees change?
No. Initially your fees, payment schedules, enrolment and permanent attendance days will all continue as normal.
How will I pay my fees going forward?
Journey uses the secure, online payment system DebitSuccess (direct debit) to collect fees. To set this up, Journey requires all families to complete the attached DebitSuccess form and return to your Centre Manager as soon as possible.
Journey’s fees are processed fortnightly in arrears, on a Thursday and fees will be deducted from a nominated bank account or credit card.  There are no additional fees when you select to pay via your bank account.
Do I need to complete a new enrolment form for my child?
No, not at this stage. Once we commence reenrolment for 2021, we’ll provide an updated enrolment form for you to complete.
Will there be any changes to my child’s enrolment?
Care will continue under the current enrolment agreement you have.
Who will I need to contact to make changes to my child’s enrolment?


Your main point of contact will be your Centre Manager.

I’m on a waitlist, how will this affect my spot on the list?
You will remain on the applicable waitlist in the same position as before.
How do I follow up on my waitlist application going forward?

Through your Centre Manager.

How will Journey communicate any planned changes for the future?
Journey commits to communicating with families as we work through this transition, and as we work to build a strong future together. You will receive regular updates via email and within the first month of acquisition (July), Journey will schedule a Parent Information webinar.
If I have any further questions, who do I ask?
Your Centre Manager will continue to be your main point of contact and support. The Journey team will be working closely with your Centre Manager to ensure they have the information necessary to continue to support your family as they do currently.
Where can I find more information on Journey?
We are truly excited to be welcoming you to the Journey family and look forward to creating strong relationships as we build a great future together.